Humes McCoy Aviation is a first-class private air transportation provider. Our strength lies in our ability to exceed industry standards through a deep understanding of our client needs. We understand the hassles and limitations that come with commercial airline travel, and have blended the talents of our personnel with all-inclusive service options to provide you a streamlined travel solution.

While at the core Humes McCoy Aviation is a transportation provider, our talent lies in the seamless integration of management systems with professional and luxurious travel options uncommon or non-existent with other charters or airlines.

With Humes McCoy Aviation, there is no membership fee, no yearly fee, no maintenance fee, no hanger fee, and no management fee. You pay for the services you require and nothing more.

“Keep it professional, reliable and simple”.

Company Mission

The Humes McCoy Aviation mission is to provide the highest quality of service to our clients and to maintain this level of service by staying focused on our clients needs. With the vision of becoming the premier air leasing company in the country, Humes McCoy Aviation will provide its clients with favorable pricing, incomparable quality and an unparalleled level of convenience and safety.

Licenses & Certifications

Every Humes McCoy Aviation brokered aircraft  will comply with strict adherence to the Federal Aviation Administration Maintenance Standards to ensure a safe flight.

Humes McCoy Aviation is a member of the Helicopter Association International.