Private jets have become the single most efficient form of travel for the busy executive. We are able to supply aircraft to meet most corporate travel budgets. The ability to use smaller regional airports offers a far greater choice of departure and destination points nearer to your offices and those of your customers. More often than not private jet travel is the most economical choice available to corporate travelers. Whether for business or leisure, air leasing is a great way to travel.

What are the advantages of flying a private jet? For most people, aircraft leasing is all about freedom, flexibility, convenience, and of course, comfort. But it’s also about making the most of your busy day. If you’ve never flown private before, this page will break it down for you. And if you’ve already enjoyed the convenience and pleasure of private jet travel, please know that Humes McCoy Aviation can provide an aircraft within 4-8 hours of your request.

Your Schedule

Have to make a trip on short notice? Need to arrive before dawn? No problem. With Humes McCoy Aviation Services, you can be in the air within hours. Not only are you free of the airline timetables, you’re also free of the long lines, delays, layovers, cancellations and sudden schedule changes. And you can get a quote and actually reserve a jet in minutes. A Customer Care representative will call you within minutes to confirm the details.

Your Flight Itinerary

Plan your trip to include several stops. Make a detour. Pick up passengers. Return in a larger plane. Land closer to your final destination. Humes McCoy can get you in and out of more than 5,000 locations in the US, including thousands of places that the scheduled airlines will never serve. Our Customer Care experts know the best way to get just about anywhere.